I’m Riley.

Superhero name: Moonbeam.

Christ Follower and Light Seeker.

Book Woman.

Advocate of an abundant, real food “diet.”

Can quote every line of Almost Famous.

Obsessive podcast listener.

Exist on sweet potatoes, bananas, and chocolate (read: carbs).

Long walks, good friends, phone calls with my mom, and a whole lot of God keep me sane.

At the end of the day- I just need something to read, some people to love, and a cuppa tea.

3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hayley says:

    Hello beautiful! I absolutely loved reading your story on Robyn’s blog this morning – can you please write a book or something?! Haha. Anyways, I feel like I have a lot a lot in common with you so I’m excited to follow your blog and life! Xoxo

    • Riley P says:
      Riley P

      You are too kind. Seriously, THANK YOU! I just checked out your blog. I love it. Did we just become best friends?! (I hope you got the Step Brothers reference) Ha, for real though, thank you. So happy to have discovered a new blog and wonderful lady to follow!

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