Me, condensed: Riley (she/her), mid-20s, cis woman, queer, seminary student.

The trajectory of my life, location-wise, has looked something like this:

New Orleans —> Maine —> Pensacola, FL —> Houston, TX —> Oxford, MS —>   Pensacola, FL —> New Orleans —> currently Princeton, New Jersey.

My favorite color is rainbow (I am large; I contain multitudes), but if I had to choose a “real” color, it’d be purple. I’m a 4 on the Enneagram. My inner child is a beluga whale; my inner warrior woman is a lion. If I was superhero, they’d call me Moonbeam. I eat one banana a day. Chocolate, wine, and envy are my vices. I’ll always use the Oxford comma. I read like I’m starving and the words are bread (gluten-free). I write because it’s my favorite way to tell the truth. I’m insatiable. Hyperbole is my favorite literary device, so don’t take it literally. I’m expressive, so deal. In the immortal words of Russell Hammond in Almost Famous: “I dig music.” I gave up coffee because it makes me crazy, and have since transitioned from my coffee-addicted, brooding, mysterious English major self into a more realistic, tea-sipping, early sleeping, seminarian phase. Don’t put me in a box, though–I am large, remember? I contain multitudes!

** This page will continually be under construction as its owner is growing and changing with each new day **

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  1. Riley P says:
    Riley P

    You are too kind. Seriously, THANK YOU! I just checked out your blog. I love it. Did we just become best friends?! (I hope you got the Step Brothers reference) Ha, for real though, thank you. So happy to have discovered a new blog and wonderful lady to follow!

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