WIAW #5 // oats, eggs, and taters (what’s new)

Happy EATS day! Without further ado, here are some meals from Monday and Tuesday... breakfast This morning I had toast with almond butter and banana, but mostly it's been all about the oats. I actually took the time to cook rolled oats on the stove with cashew milk (so good!), a pinch of sea salt, [...]

Thinking Out Loud // books, moon phases, & summer plans

Happy Thursday, y'all. I love Thursdays because it means tomorrow is Friday and because I get to ramble on the blog. Let's be real, I can ramble any day I want, but today it's OFFICIAL, linked-up rambling (I'm looking at you, Amanda). 1. My presentation/class went amazing last night and it's a weight off my shoulders. I [...]

WIAW #4 // go green

It's What I Ate Wednesday, but I would like to start this post with this photo:  ^^^ because I've been hanging out with these people a lot lately. I'm actually hanging out with them right now as I type this (it's Tuesday night but this will be published tomorrow morning). I'm trying to catch up [...]


Hey, y'all! I'm just dropping in to say hello and tell you a little bit about the past couple days--and answer some questions for a fun link-up with American Honey blog! I'm currently sitting in an East Hill coffeeshop in Pensacola, Florida--the town where I grew up and am moving back to in a few short [...]

Dear Me

It's National Women's History Month and TODAY, March 8th, is International Women's Day.  On March 3rd, YouTube launched a global campaign called #DearMe to "inspire and empower girls everywhere to be confident and pursue their dreams." The campaign involves filming a video letter to your teenage self sharing whatever wisdom you've collected since then. So, with [...]

A New Month and General Currencies

January and February have always been my least favorite months. Not to be negative, but they are usually just depressing (Ha, okay, that was really negative). As someone who is super affected by weather, the gloomy, cold, and rainy theme of these two months just does not do it for me. I need sunshine. I [...]