Step Inside This Brain

Oh hello, fancy running into you here. IT'S MY HALF-BIRTHDAY! Sorry, I just realized this and got so tickled. I love my half-birthday. Weird? Oh well. I'll be celebrating tonight. It's also Thursday. And around here, Thursdays are for thinking out loud (or on our computer keys). So, with that said, take a step inside [...]


Happy Hump Day, y'all! Today I'm linking up to Jen for my first ever What I Ate Wednesday! Wednesdays are by faaaaar my favorite day in the blog world, thanks to the wonderful lady behind Peas & Crayons. My forever hungry belly eats this shit UP. I get so much meal inspiration from the blogs [...]

The Stories We Tell

Things are changing. I started grad school on a whim, I’m forming new relationships, I'm gearing up to move to a new(ish) city… I mean, it’s scary as hell. And it’s bringing up a lot of emotion by forcing me to face the desires at my very core. This morning, I had a moment where [...]

My First Friday Favorites 1.23.15

Hey! It's Friday! Yuh yuh.  I'm excited to be joining in on my first Friday Favorites post in the blog world (linking up to Katie and Heather!). I've been reading and loving these things for a long time, so it's pretty awesome to get to join in on the fun today and share what's been [...]

And Just Like That, I’m a Student Again…

Happy Thursday, y'all! So, I graduated from the University of Mississippi with my BA in Secondary English Education in December and had planned to spend this semester substituting at the high school where I did my student teaching and tutoring student athletes at the university. Well, I got the tutoring job, and that part of [...]

Here Goes Nothin’

Hi, I'm Riley. That's me. Well, I cannot imagine a better day to write and publish my first blog post. Today, we remember Martin Luther King Jr., a man who passionately believed in freedom, compassion, Truth and Love. I capitalize Truth and Love because I believe they are too important NOT to capitalize. FYI, this whole [...]