betwixt & between 

I find myself in a hotel room in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, dazed from sickness and two days of driving, and for some reason now is the time I choose to begin this. Don't ask me why, but if you do, I think I'd tell you how this dank, tidy room feels suspended in time--definitely not home, [...]

Makin’ moves

If you've read my last couple of blog posts (here and here), you know there has been a lot of growth and self-discovery happening in my life this year, especially in the last few months. I've entered into and out of relationships, encountered difficult lessons at work that have required me to take a deep [...]


Change and transition make my inner control freak, well, freak out. But alas, as Layne tells us, these are vital opportunities for growth. Learning to stand grounded and steady during stressful circumstances has been a huge practice as of late. I'm exceedingly grateful to Layne, our site coordinator and makeshift life coach, for consistently reminding [...]

Roll away your stone, I will roll away mine

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm into the moon. I have a waxing crescent tattooed on the inside of my right ankle to symbolize an increasing towards fullness--a moving forward and a hope of more to come. I got that tattoo two years ago on April 10th--the anniversary of my father's death--because new life is [...]

Le(n)t go and Le(n)t God

This Lent, instead of giving up chocolate or putting some restriction on myself equally as violent and unpleasant as "no chocolate ever!" (the horror--just personally), I will instead, as Kayla McClurg from Inward/Outward puts it, "[follow] my deeper intuition to embrace the disciplines that will help me 'let go and let God.'" Letting go. Letting [...]

Two months of joy and sorrow in the city of contradictions

It has been almost two months to the day since we've last spoken! Ah, how tauntingly "write a blog post" has been staring at me from my to-do list. I have so much to tell you that it's been overwhelming to even know where to start. There are things on my heart that I want [...]

I Am Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing

...says Audre Lorde at the end of her poem "New Year's Day" in From a Land Where Other People Live. A couple days after Christmas, my family and I flew down to Miami for a quick vacation. Call it a forced time together or a willing choice by all; either way, the trip was happening and [...]

A lesson from Whitman + catching up on the past two months

I'm learning to love myself--to lean into and accept those parts of myself which make me most uncomfortable. Transforming what once was fear, into love. Sitting in stillness and willing myself to feel that I'm magical and divine and loved is quite literally changing my life. I'm learning that my multitudes, messy and contradicting as [...]

Just the Tip

Get your mind out of the gutter. If my YAV year were an iceberg, I'm at the tip. This terrible metaphor is what first came to mind when deciding how to start this post. One of my housemates, Patrick, suggested I use part of said metaphor as my title. So there's that. Maybe it's my love of [...]